Coffee and End Tables

Strand Woven Bamboo coffee table - side view

Strand Woven Bamboo coffee table - side view

They might match or only complement each other, but without them you would just have a room with a sofa. When it comes to living room furniture two standards are the coffee table and end tables.

Coffee and end tables are used for many things from eating or resting feet to being a convenient place to put down that cuppa joe, cold drink or the remote control. They are made of many things from wood to glass to molded iron and travertine. These tables can add elegance or a touch of style to any loving room. The coffee table is usually in front of the sofa while the end tables are commonly nestled beside a sofa.

Sure you can slug from furniture store to furniture store to department store to see what is available in the world of coffee and end tables . But the best way to see what is available is by shopping online. Browse through an eclectic selection of tables from wrought iron pedestals to wooden kangaroos in the comfort of your own home. It may even make it easier to recall your new tables in the very room you’re sitting in.

Whatsoever you choose, first and foremost make sure it fits in your living room. Choose from glass tops and marble veneers to a golf club pedestal or a rich cherry culture. Maybe you like the look of two smaller tables bunched together or one large one to make a contemporary argument.

Second make sure it matches your motif. Just make sure the tables you choose speak to you and your personal style. You can pick tables that are conversation starters or simply tables that are practical. You don’t want your home to look like a picture in a magazine, you want it to look like somebody very lives there. You’ll never be more comfortable than when your living room is filled with furniture that you love.

So before you pick a collection of Coffee and end tables for your living room take a look around.

  • What colors or themes do you want to carry through the room?
  • Do you like tatty chic or Victorian?
  • Maybe you are into the simple and clean modern look or maybe you would prefer something a bit more traditional?

Once you have decided this, then look for tables that match your color scheme. Remember to check if you can rejuvenate the table with a fresh coat of paint, varnish, dye or wax.

You’ll also have to make sure you get tables that are the the right height for kicking up your feet or setting down your soda. You don’t want something too low or high.

Ever considered a coffee table made from planet saving bamboo boards?

Sit back, relax and enjoy your living room. With your new coffee tables, you have a place for a lamp to read by and your magazines to pile up.

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