Antiquing Your White Kitchen Cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have a dull, white kitchen that needs to be spruced up? Yes, even though the kitchen is all white, the counters are white, the seats are white, and I’m sure the table is white, and while it all seems nice, the room probably seems cold. This is a prevalent issue for people with all white rooms. Well, a simple way to add personality to your white kitchen is to antique the kitchen cabinets.

The only supplies you will require is sandpaper, I suggest 120 grit, clean clothes, one quart of clear paint glaze, some paint brushes (5-6cm is great), bucket of water and acrylic type craft paint. I suggest these colors – black, burnt sienna, raw umber and taupe. You should also get some white latex satin paint. These supplies can be purchased at your local home improvement shop. Shop around, many stores offer different prices.

The very first step is to choose whether or not you want to remove the kitchen cabinet doors and hardware or if you want to leave them on. I believe it is a lot easier just to take them off, because it makes cleaning them much easier. Some prefer to leave them on, as it saves time, but harming your hardware is just an increased cost, so best not to chance it.

After you have decided what you want to do, you need to clean the cabinet doors off. This will ensure that you have all the dirt, grease, and grime off of them. Then you’ll need to sand all the cabinet doors and then wash them off with a clean dry rag or cloth. This is to make sure no dirt is on the doors that would prohibit the paint from going on smoothly.

Once you have prepared them, you can start to paint the kitchen cabinets white; this is because using the white paint enables the antiquing paint to show through. Now, if your cabinets are already white, it is still advised to strip and repaint. The more fresh the white paint, the better the antique look.

When painted, sand them down once again. This will give them the used appearance you are striving for. Now, it is time to mix your selected color of sienna, taupe, or black into the glaze. BE CAREFUL, as it gets darker the more color you add.

The last step is to apply the glaze on the cabinet. Making use of your 5cm paint brush should work, but pay special attention in applying the glaze to the corners and tight spots of the kitchen cabinets.

You have about 10 to 15 minutes before the glaze dries to wipe off the excess glaze. How much you clean off is up to you; the more you do, the greater the antique look. So keep that in mind!

Once done, presto, you can add your hardware, and re-mount your kitchen cabinet doors. Antiquing your white kitchen cabinets is a fantastic technique to give your kitchen a beautiful, cozy, and inviting appearance.

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