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Applications for bamboo timber boards & plywood in the home

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Do you use solid timber in your projects?

Are you a manufacturer using solid timber? Do you know which ‘old’ ideas and practices may be hurting you?

Timber manufacturing practices have been around for centuries. Turning rough sawn timber from blocks of wood into a finished product can be very rewarding. The skills involved in getting it right, are time honoured. But some of the steps in the process are expensive in both time and money.

Do you know which ones you are able to eliminate?

Are you optimising your manufacturing workflow to make your business generate greater revenues?

If you aren’t cutting these unnecessary steps from your production line, a lot of your business could be walking out the door. And you may not even realise it!

About thirty years ago, the Taiwanese started experimenting with laminating bamboo strips together into plywood boards. They succeeded in creating a revolutionary solid timber board.

Standard size boards allow for simple job costing. No more costing in an extra 20-30% for that expensive timber simply to compensate for unusable planks.

Optimize your business, cut the waste. Use solid bamboo boards and plywood to replace solid timber and see the savings for yourself.

Why bamboo?

With the very real concerns around the devastation of our natural forests, solid bamboo boards, as a solid wood replacement, offer a ray of hope. Bamboo is in plentiful supply (it’s a grass), so there are no worries about reliability of supply.

Commonly used timbers in South Africa include Meranti, Balau and Mahogany – 3 species of about 196 that fall under the genus Shorea. A total of 148 of the 196 species are listed as “Critically Endangered” on the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature redlist. That is one step short of “Extinct“.

On the other hand …

  • Bamboo grows to maturity in 5 years versus 30 – 120 years for other timbers.
  • Bamboo is the most water tolerant of solid woods, as hard as Red Oak.
  • Specified for Africa, Eco-Logic bamboo products are structurally strong & stable.
  • As a fit and finish ready product, bamboo’s total project cost is lower than most solid timbers total project cost.
  • Exceptionally easy to machine, no nasty surprises as with other timbers.
  • Available in standard size board format, ready for your cut list.

We have a gallery of examples where others have used bamboo furniture boards (and just loved working with them).

Here’s more information on our range of solid bamboo doorsbamboo furniture boards and panels or bamboo countertops.

Watch the video below as Riaan discusses using bamboo for his eco-friendly home with Wayne. They compare bamboo to other timber products and look at the health and eco-friendly aspects of the bamboo products.

Bamboo timber boards interview on YouTube

A few of the environmentally responsible South African companies using Eco-Logic Bamboo products …

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