Small Spaces and Interior Design

Every professional interior designer knows that decorating a small space is almost always more difficult than decorating a large space, but with some thinking and imagination, a small room can look and function just as well as a large one.  Here are a few guidelines and tips that interior designers keep in mind when furnishing a smaller space.

1.  You need to use your imagination and be creative.  The best decorating solutions may need some creative thinking.  Be sure to check out some current interior design books for inspiration and tips.  You can even contact your local interior design school for assistance and some good advice.

2. You may need a lot of discipline to come to terms with the fact that not everything you want to fit into this room will fit .  For example, your king-sized bed may not fit into the bedroom; your comfortable sectional sofa may not fit in the living room.  You’re going to have to accept the reality of the space.  You will have to check out options such as storing, giving away or selling what you can’t fit today.

3.  If you don’t have a lot of horizontal space, make sure you use your vertical space.  Use the space near your ceilings to put up some attractive shelves that will hold items you don’t need to get to everyday.  You can have the items either in full view or store them in cute boxes or containers .

4.  Pushing all of your big furniture up against the walls isn’t an optimal look .  Instead, if you place your furniture just a few inches away from a wall and then put a mirror or some other reflective piece there behind the furniture, this will give the illusion of additional space and depth, and it will make the room appear deeper and larger .

5.  You can make attractive and practical bookshelves with just your hardcover books and a couple of finished, solid wood shelves.  Use your heaviest and thickest books stacked on top of each other as pillars to support the wood shelves where you can then place smaller books, collectibles, and display items.

With some work and inspiration, you can make your smaller space comfortable and inviting . Using discipline and creativity and a few interior design tips, you’ll get a great looking room .

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