The Basics of Furniture Refinishing

Furniture was originally designed to provide for resting provisions and also serve as storage spaces. But it’s much more than just ‘furniture’ … they mark the aesthetics of the place, indicates the tastes of the people living and are hence regarded as assets.  But with time, as it is with everything else, things start to wear out with use. To prevent such damage to furniture, refinishing is done.

Wooden cabinets are always susceptible to moisture and insects. In most parts of the world the rainy season is a menace to the wooden furniture. The water content in the air rises to high levels (humidity 90 percent and above). This moisture gets soaked in the wood and cells tend to bloat out and become larger, being water imbibed.  Now this causes problems because this tends to pressurize the joints and crevices of the wooden furniture. A sudden increase in pressure or so to say a shock load may be enough to rupture the wooden beauty. Another major threat to wooden furniture is the termites. These insects thrive in the ‘self developed’ homes inside dead wood. They tend to ‘eat’ away the furniture to make room for them. Even though the furniture might look as good as new for any on looker, yet its inside might just have been gnawed at and hollowed out.

So is the case for even metallic (namely iron) furniture. Moisture is lethal to iron composed furniture. Rust corrodes away the iron surface and the metallic sheen gives way to a rusted worn out look. The contents (material used) of the furniture becomes jittery and brittle and is highly susceptible to peak loads and at some point breaks off in extreme rusting cases.   Though in today’s world iron has been replaced with prefabricated steel or ‘cold rolled grain steel’ and rusting on furniture isn’t much of an issue, but all metals to an extent lose their metallic sheen and become lack lusture after some point of time. Hence, be it metal or wood, cabinet refinishing is required. Cabinet refinishing is the process of repairing, mending the wooden finishing on a cabinet by either applying paint, varnish or lacquer or even wood finish top coat.

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