Specifiers Overview

Eco-Logic Bamboo products are subject to international standards and testing. Need to specify our products? We list the test results of various international testing standards.

Bamboo Standards Compliance

Are you specifying architectural bamboo products? Then this is where you’ll find all the technical specifications and conformity testing on bamboo flooring, bamboo flat boards and panels.

Commercial Bamboo Flooring Specifications

Application, dimensional and finishing specifications for Eco-Logic Bamboo flooring products.

Bamboo Flooring Installation

Guidelines and specifications for installing Eco-Logic Bamboo flooring products.

Structural Stability Chart

Bamboo has a higher tensile strength that cold pressed steel, it is also the most stable of common hard woods. This chart, based on tests performed by the USA Forestry Department, shows how other woods stack up against bamboo.

Finished Bamboo Hardness Chart

Our Eco-Logic Bamboo flooring planks are pressed together under great pressure. See how that affects the hardness against other woods typically used in solid wood flooring.

Unfinished Bamboo Hardness Chart

This chart stacks unfinished bamboo hardness against other wood typically used for solid wood flooring.

Solid Bamboo – Standards Compliance & Technical Specifications

On this page we cover the various technical specifications and performance of bamboo in internationally recognised tests.  

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