Paint Your Walls So That They Explode Into Life

Your walls are an important part of your room.

There’s no point decking up your room with the most amazing furniture, if you’re going to leave the walls all plain and blank. You will change the feel of the whole room just by adding a touch of style to your walls.

Here are some simple tips which tips which may help you in making your walls all stylish and classy.

One of the most straightforward thing that you can do to jazz up your wall is select a wall painting system that will compliment your decor.

There are several wall painting styles for you to choose from. These include rag painting system, color painting techniques, sponge painting techniques, etc.

Amongst the countless wall painting styles, it’s the rag painting style which is most popular.

This painting style is simple to incorporate and also helps give your wall that marble texture look and tone. All you you need for this painting style is an old t-shirt or cotton rag.

Begin with dipping the rag in your chosen paint. Shake off the additional paint, then rub the rag on the wall. There is no set pattern of rubbing the rag on the wall. Play, experiment to your heart’s content.

One thing to keep in mind while using this painting style is to not rub the rag over large areas of the walls. It is advisable to limit yourself to smaller areas at a time. Likewise it’s far better if you regularly dip the rag.

Another simple yet stylish way to make your walls look chic, is to color something on them. If you believe you need to be an artist for this, relax. You can paint anything you want. Trace a pattern that you like onto the wall with tracing paper.

You can use small illustrations, beautiful scenery, etc. You can consider hiring professional just for the section you feel you can’t get to look the way you’d like it to look.

Pasting cool wallpapers or posters on your wall is another thing that you can do. You can collect posters of your favorite artists, favorite photos, etc and paste them on your wall.

If you would like to create a more personalized touch, you could build a collage of your favourite pictures and memories. These make a great talking point. Make sure that you do not go crazy with this one else you could end up making your wall look too busy.

Another simple thing that you can do to deck up your wall is to sprinkle paint on your wall. Just dip a brush in paint and simply sprinkle it across the wall. Ensure that you choose a color that’ll contrast with the colour of the wall. For a more dramatic effect, you might splatter paint in different colors.

Try these very simple techniques and you are bound to change the room completely.

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