Easy Designs For Kitchen

Whether or not you might be just moving in to a brand new place or you are trying to update your home decor, chances are you’ll find yourself faced with a kitchen that wants a brand new touch. Even more daunting is when you find that you are going through this process while on a very tight budget. Kitchen designs will be fairly costly, in spite of everything, once you get right down to it and add up the various, many little prices which accumulate in the course of the process. And that’s not even contemplating the bigger prices!

Planning your kitchen before you start

Natural Bamboo kitchen counter top

Fortunately, a bit of little bit of inventive pondering and design work, you can overcome even some fairly strict monetary constraints and nonetheless come out with an excellent kitchen. The trick is to seek out kitchen designs where you can incorporate existing fixtures with as little alteration as possible.

A good example is to “re-skin” you kitchen.

Leave your kitchen cabinet carcasses in place, and simply replace the doors, drawer fronts and panels (with bamboo of course!).

Simply reusing your “hidden” kitchen hardware components in your kitchen designs can make a huge difference to your budget. And the nice little extras you will now be able to afford. Don’t forget to consider items from other rooms in your design. How about an item that has fallen into disuse?

Using features in your kitchen design

Adding a bamboo wall clock, for instance, may not be applicable for your living room, but it can be a great central piece for a variety of totally different kitchen designs. As an example, darkish wood dye on the clock can compliment using darkish tones throughout your kitchen. A coat of whitewash or neutral gray paint on your kitchen walls can serve to carry over the deep, rich tones of dyed bamboo into the rest of the room. Even simply altering the colour of a few things; drapes and trim, can be sufficient if your kitchen already has a dark colour scheme.

Other ideas

Another option is to make as few modifications as possible to current fixtures. That is a great trick to keep costs down in a kitchen redesign. This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t make any changes. It simply means that while you are making changes, you should ensure you make each change count. As an example, the bamboo clock from the previous example may have arms that are a specific colour – e.g. silver, or the trim may be a certain colour, then you could think about matching the hardware on your cupboards to be the same colour.

The main idea is to look for fittings in your current kitchen and then think about how you can incorporate them into you new kitchen design. You’ll be amazed at the savings you can achieve with this simple technique. You can then use these savings to replace you cold, hard and stained granite top with a warm bamboo counter top that’ll be gentle on your crockery.

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