Bamboo Flooring Price

One of the most common questions asked is obviously “how much does bamboo flooring cost per m2 (square meter)?”.

There is a short answer & a long answer. The short answer is really the answer to a more specific question: “how much do bamboo flooring planks cost?“. Whereas the long answer is more “what is the total cost to install bamboo flooring?“.


Bamboo flooring cost – the short answer

There are primarily four types of bamboo flooring plank options:

  • solid bamboo – T&G,
  • solid bamboo – click lock,
  • strand woven bamboo – T&G and finally,
  • strand woven bamboo – click lock.

T&G is an industry standard installation option for solid wood flooring, whereas click lock is a simpler installation system but with a click lock design royalty cost.

This table provides a typical range for bamboo flooring planks per square meter.

Bamboo flooring plank costing

ProductCost range - Rand per sqm excluding VAT
Solid bamboo - Narrow plank: T&G230 - 280
Solid bamboo - Narrow plank: click lock280 - 290
Solid bamboo - Wide plank: T&G320 - 370
Solid bamboo - Wide plank: click lockN/a
Strand woven bamboo - Narrow plank: T&G290 - 380
Strand woven bamboo - Narrow plank: click lock310 - 450
Strand woven bamboo - Wide plank: T&G320 - 510
Strand woven bamboo - Wide plank: click lock330 - 700

Bamboo flooring price – the long answer

There are two cost components to any flooring installation (and this is true of most types of flooring: laminated flooring, engineered flooring, tiles, etc.), the material cost and the installation cost.

As there are a number of different installation options available, the “how much does it cost?” question is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string?” type question.

As you will see, with the number of combinations available, the choices can become overwhelming.

We highly recommend that you obtain quotations from experienced and professional solid wood flooring installers. The information provided below is for information purposes only, to be used as a rough guideline.

Type of installation

What is the true price for this bamboo flooring plank?

What is the true price for this bamboo flooring plank?

There are two primary installation systems: nail down and floated. With the nail down system, the floor is nailed to an underlying sub structure, typically using a joist or batten supporting system. Floated means that the entire floor is “floated” on an underlying sub structure: typically a cement screed.

The floated system is becoming very popular and usually uses a glue down or click lock installation method.

Materials required for each installation type

Depending on the installation method chosen, you will require various installation materials to be included in your costing in addition to the flooring planks.

Nail down (T&G flooring planks only)

  • Nails
  • Joists or battens
  • OSB boards (optional)

Floated (T&G or click lock planks)

  • A level underlying substructure. Typically cement screed or OSB board platform. There may be additional costs involved in ensuring the underlying sub structure is leveled to required specifications.
  • Moisture vapour barrier: either plastic damp proofing material (DPM) or a paint on moisture vapour barrier product.
  • Suitable glue for a glue down installation plus gluing the T&G planks together if a T&G installation method is chosen.
  • Underlay mat (there are products that combine the glue & the underlay mat such as Elastilon®)
  • Finishing product if you choose unfinished flooring planks

Keep in mind that all the above requirements need to be ADDED to the flooring plank price to get an accurate cost. Many simply compare the per square meter price of the flooring planks. This type of comparison will result in a few nasty surprises when the final bill arrives.

Considering all these options and possible combinations, we designed an Eco-Logic Bamboo commercial flooring plank optimised for a simpler floated floor installation.

This plank employs a simple-to-install click lock system with a pre-installed underlay already glued to the plank. The flooring plank is also pre-finished at the factory with a UV based flooring varinsh with a hardener product for maximum surface durability. This plank is the most cost effective option available for a commercial floated floor installation.

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On site costing considerations

  • You will also need to factor a wastage into your costing: typically 6-8%, but as high as 10%. All depending on the shape of the rooms.
  • Is there a transport cost to get the materials (remember to include the underlay, batons, etc as well) to site?
  • Cost of blades and other consumables.
  • Then finally, there is the cost of labour to install the flooring planks.

With all the above factored in, one can typically expect to pay the following for an installed bamboo floor – prices are gathered across a range of suppliers/installers.

Bamboo flooring installed costing

ProductCost range - Rand per sqm excluding VAT
Solid bamboo - Narrow plank: T&G290 - 380
Solid bamboo - Narrow plank: click lock300 - 390
Solid bamboo - Wide plank: T&G390 - 530
Solid bamboo - Wide plank: click lockN/a
Strand woven bamboo - Narrow plank: T&G360 - 540
Strand woven bamboo - Narrow plank: click lock340 - 610
Strand woven bamboo - Wide plank: T&G370 - 670
Strand woven bamboo - Wide plank: click lock370 - 860

Eco-Logic Bamboo flooring is specified for commercial installations only. As such, we offer significant discounts on the above material costing. If your project requirements exceed 2,400 sqm, contact us and we can discuss your requirements and show you how you can really save on your project.

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