Restaurant interior design ideas

Even when the chips are down, people love to escape to a restaurant. The interior design of a restaurant is critical to it’s appeal. Here are a few ideas that we have gathered from interior designers for you to consider:

  • Exhibition Cooking Area. It’s interesting (and sometime fun) to simply watch the chef(s) go about preparing meals. Allowing diners to look in on this hive of activity is a great idea to draw the diners into the whole dining out experience.
  • Chipboard furniture & cladding - maintenance problem

    Notice how the veneered cladding is breaking off

    The walls, doors & furniture in a restaurant take a real beating as stuff is moved around. Choose products that will have a lower maintenance costs in the long run. For example; chipboard & melamine are cheap and can simulate virtually any look, but they don’t handle wear & tear well. They start to look old quickly. Also the only “repair” for these materials is replacement. Consider solid timbers and bamboo boards for restaurants, they can be easily repaired if scratched, etc. The owners will love you for this consideration.

  • Stick to the target diner. Knowing the restaurant’s target clientele will allow your design style to shine. Whatever the main dish is, ensure your design attracts those that enjoy that particular dish. Are they a family restaurant? make sure the decor can stand up to the “abuse” of kids.
  • Wall panelling and bamboo cladding always lends itself to creating an upmarket feel.
  • If the restaurant is a neighbourhood restaurant, do a bit of research on the people in that neighbourhood & incorporate that “neighbourhood feel” into your design.
  • Solid wood flooring, that can withstand the very harsh nature of restaurants, always adds class to the establishment.
  • Speak to the employees of the restaurant, ask them what they would like to see in the design.
  • Don’t forget about the ceilings – lighting, bulkheads and patterned ceilings can contribute greatly to the interior of a restaurant.

If you’re involved in the kitchen, have you considered using bamboo counter tops and work tops?

It’s been shown that wood is the best surface for food preparation as it retains fewer “bugs” when compared to plastic. Bamboo is ideal – bamboo boards are food safe and durable – the ideal worktop surface for use in a kitchen.

Working with bamboo boards, work tops and bamboo cladding is the same as working with any timber, so your favourite contractor will be able to use bamboo in your designs.

Happy designing!

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