Nothing Beats Beautiful Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo grows quickly and in plenty. It spreads over large areas about ten times faster than hardwood trees. Buying bamboo furniture is a great choice because it is a very eco-friendly material. This is because no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are used when growing bamboo.

Bamboo furniture is very hardy. It can withstand more abuse than most traditional hardwood furniture. In restaurants, people tend to drop their silverware onto the table. This often leaves a permanent mark on some hardwood or even metal tables. However, bamboo is ‘softer’ and it can endure all of this abuse.

Bamboo furniture in the home

Most of the tables and chairs in restaurants are put in moist environments. They come into contact with water and chemicals throughout the day. As the tables are cleaned, or as patrons spill their drinks on them, the moisture tends to build up around the bottom of the glass. After long periods of time and constant abuse, other hardwood tables will swell and shrink. They may eventually crack. For this reason, bamboo furniture is the best restaurant furniture. Bamboo does not swell or shrink nearly as much as other timber when exposed to these types of environmental hazards.

Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch. This beats steel’s tensile strength of only 23,000 per square inch. In a restaurant setting, bamboo furniture is eco-friendly, strong and durable. Furthermore, it helps to save the environment as the restaurant owner will not be filling up landfills with damaged unusable hardwood tables.

When creating a custom design, bamboo tables and chairs will set the tone for the entire restaurant, hotel or bar. There are very many styles to choose from, and the elements in the table can really bring the room together. This will help to finish off the overall look and feel of the design.

Bamboo is very versatile. This is because bamboo furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. For the restaurants with outdoor seating, the tables and chairs are easy to care for. Designers working with bamboo will look for good quality upholstery. They will also look for a design that pays attention to craftsmanship. A good finish on the bamboo will sustain the life of the restaurant furniture for a very long time.

When looking to purchase bamboo furniture, there are designers who have some really great and innovative designs in bamboo or composite materials. These manufacturers make restaurant quality chairs and tables. They also make items for the home such as bamboo headboards, bamboo bar stools, bamboo flooring, bamboo walls, bamboo utensils, and bamboo coasters. If you name it, they can probably make it.

Products that are manufactured far away from where a consumer lives are often considered exotic. Bamboo is mostly grown in Asia, and products that are made from this material have an exotic appeal. They may not be the cheapest product in the market, but they are considered to be reasonably priced. This is because bamboo offers top quality products. Therefore, bamboo products are great value for your money.

Now that you have known its benefits, you should purchase bamboo furniture. Keep in mind that there are many versions of bamboo finishes which create different colors and styles. Using bamboo as the focal material or even as an accessory can create a very unique design.

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