Select the correct Countertops for your Kitchen Remodelling Project

When you decide on starting a kitchen remodelling project, you’ve a quite a few options to consider prior to the project getting started.

While you need to choose appliances, sinks and fixtures, you should also give thought to choosing the right countertop material(s) for your counters and island.  Choosing the  correct countertop(s) can really make a difference to your cooking area and how it looks and cleans.

Do not be fooled into believing that countertops are just countertops. You have a number of choices available … ?

Choices typically include:

  • Granite counter tops
  • Marble counter tops
  • Laminate counter tops
  • Exotic timber such as Ash, Beech and Oak counter tops
  • Soapstone counter tops
  • Concrete counter tops
  • Formica counter tops
  • Corian or Montelli counter tops

Your choice of the correct countertops can truly make your kitchen area unique, great to work and live in.

When kitchen remodelling is going on, depending on the use that your cooking area is going to be seeing, you need to have the best countertops for the way you will use that area. No matter if it is marble, steel, solid timber, bamboo or Formica you need to pick the best one for your design and requirements.

If you’re a chef, your countertop choice is going to be different to a person that just cooks casually for the family. Selecting the right countertops for your kitchen remodelling project will make your kitchen area look better and your life much easier.

Countertops will need to be stain resistant as well as long lasting.

As there are a number of different materials that you can use for countertops. Consider mixing materials best suited to the function of the area in your kitchen design.

Keep in mind that an island is also a countertop, so you’ll need to choose that surface as well based on your way of working in your kitchen.

Every countertop will have a typical function in your kitchen area, so the proper choice will enhance your kitchen. For example, the wash up, prep area and coffee making areas need to be highly water resistant. Whereas the breakfast nook needs to be warm, sociable and gentle on your crockery.

Focussing on your cooking area may be the the most important thing you do during your design stage. When it comes to cooking within the cooking area, you need to consider your space requirements and how many pots you typically use. Are you a person who uses lots of pots, or do you prefer to use a wok style of cooking? What types of meals do you normally prepare? Do you bake? How often? How much?

You can also use countertops for cooking and preparing food. So it’s important to think about the various uses for the different counter top areas when you’re preparing the remodel.

The selection of material for your countertops is totally up to you. Some materials fair better in different areas than others, so keep this in mind as you plan. Mixing media is popular and can really show off your uniqueness.

Choosing the best countertops can really make all the difference in your kitchen.

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