Coffee and End Tables

Strand Woven Bamboo coffee table - side view

Strand Woven Bamboo coffee table - side view

They might match or only complement each other, but without them you would just have a room with a sofa. When it comes to living room furniture two standards are the coffee table and end tables.

Coffee and end tables are used for many things from eating or resting feet to being a convenient place to put down that cuppa joe, cold drink or the remote control. They are made of many things from wood to glass to molded iron and travertine. These tables can add elegance or a touch of style to any loving room. The coffee table is usually in front of the sofa while the end tables are commonly nestled beside a sofa. [Read more…]

The Basics of Furniture Refinishing

Furniture was originally designed to provide for resting provisions and also serve as storage spaces. But it’s much more than just ‘furniture’ … they mark the aesthetics of the place, indicates the tastes of the people living and are hence regarded as assets.  But with time, as it is with everything else, things start to wear out with use. To prevent such damage to furniture, refinishing is done. [Read more…]

Nothing Beats Beautiful Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo grows quickly and in plenty. It spreads over large areas about ten times faster than hardwood trees. Buying bamboo furniture is a great choice because it is a very eco-friendly material. This is because no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals are used when growing bamboo.

Bamboo furniture is very hardy. It can withstand more abuse than most traditional hardwood furniture. In restaurants, people tend to drop their silverware onto the table. This often leaves a permanent mark on some hardwood or even metal tables. However, bamboo is ‘softer’ and it can endure all of this abuse.

Bamboo furniture in the home [Read more…]

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Greening your kitchen with bamboo

Just saw a great article on greening your kitchen, by Construction Review Online.

They discuss a whole range of options and make a few fantastic suggestions. Being a recycle devotee, I loved this design (don’t know who’s it is, but kudo’s to you). Notice the stunning bamboo shaker doors!

Bamboo shaker doors in an eco-friendly kitchen design

[Read more…]

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Small Spaces and Interior Design

Every professional interior designer knows that decorating a small space is almost always more difficult than decorating a large space, but with some thinking and imagination, a small room can look and function just as well as a large one.  Here are a few guidelines and tips that interior designers keep in mind when furnishing a smaller space. [Read more…]

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Excellent Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen area would be the heart of any home.  It can be the warmest, most active room in most homes.  This is where the family meets, cooks, eats and at times entertains.  You might thus, want to make it the kind of location that may be functionally sound and comfortable for entertaining or family members bonding.  Should you previously have a kitchen, it is possible to opt for San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling to make it more suitable for your wants. [Read more…]

7 Materials For Creating The Perfect Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen countertop needs to withstand lots of abuse. Hot pots straight off the stove, knives and abrasive cleansers. The ideal countertop is able to stand up to heat and the sharp edge of a knife.

Allow us to take a look at 7 of the preferred kitchen countertop materials being used: [Read more…]

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Using bamboo flooring as part of a modern affordable eco-friendly home design

Bamboo flooring in a modern home design

Affordability and eco-friendly are often not used in the same sentence. This often happens as marketers ride the eco-friendly bandwagon for excess profits.

This is not the case with bamboo flooring. Sustainable equals competitive pricing when one compares bamboo flooring to other solid wood and engineered flooring options. Case Architects designed a modern & affordable eco-friendly home which includes bamboo, see how they did it … [Read more…]

Which bamboo finishing products should I use for my project?

We’re often asked which products to use for their bamboo finishing.

So here we have a guideline for you to follow when finishing your bamboo countertop or bamboo plywood project.


Preparation is always the most critical step in any bamboo finishing application, get that wrong and the quality and durability of your finish is drastically reduced.

The first step is to give the surface a light sand just to remove the grime.

Bamboo finishing – oil

Oil is one of the most traditional finishes used.

Oils do not provide as much protection as the more modern finishes e.g. varnish. Oil finishes however, bring out the natural beauty of bamboo boards and counter tops. If you want to stain your bamboo prior to oiling it, use a water-based stain. Oil-based dyes will clog-up the bamboo’s “pores”, stopping the oil finish from soaking in effectively. [Read more…]

How to incorporate bamboo into your kitchen remodeling project

Although bamboo products are as strong and durable as wood, bamboo is actually a member of the grass family Poaceae. One of the fastest growing plants in the world, some varieties can renew themselves in a single growing season.

Incorporating bamboo into your kitchen remodeling project is an eco-friendly way to give the heart of your home a light, natural style.

Here a five great ways to creatively incorporate bamboo when remodeling your kitchen.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets and counter tops1. Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo is typically processed by cutting the stalks into strips, boiling them, drying them and then gluing them together under high pressure to form planks and sheets.

The natural pattern of the stalks, including the characteristic nodes, can be preserved during this process, creating cabinets with unique depth and variation.

The best cabinet styles show off bamboo’s natural beauty. Look for models with clean lines, streamlined forms and minimal visible hardware that will create a sleek yet organic look for your modern kitchen.

2. Butcher Block Countertops

During the curing process, bamboo may be steamed or toasted to darken the fibers. Known as carbonized bamboo, this material is ideal for layering into a distinctive butcher block sheet.

Bamboo butcher block countertops are available made from either natural or carbonized bamboo. Because the end grain features a striking pattern, the thick, solid blocks look particularly distinctive on kitchen islands.

3. Bamboo Blinds

Available in every imaginable shade of brown, tan and beige, natural bamboo blinds add a texture and visual interest to window treatments. Most are designed as Roman shades, with woven strips of bamboo that relax into overlapping folds when the blinds are drawn up.

A bamboo valance presents a polished and neat appearance when you open the blinds to let the sun shine in.

Bamboo panels used to create a feature of your ceiling4. Ceiling Panels

Things are looking up for eco-friendly bamboo. Sleek and stylish panels with bamboo veneers are now available to apply to existing ceilings or to create a dropped ceiling. Vertically grained and polished to perfection, the panels are rich in pattern and depth, providing a chic and unique backdrop to your new kitchen.

5. Bamboo Mats

For an affordable and easy-to-apply bamboo product with a decidedly tropical appeal, it’s hard to beat bamboo matting.

Bamboo mats, sometimes called panels, are made by weaving strips of bamboo together. Framed with slats of bamboo or bamboo poles, they’re ideal for decorating a kitchen nook or bar with a bit of Tiki flair.

The flexible yet sturdy mats also make an attractive covers for waste bins and storage containers.