Bamboo Testimonials

Here’s what others have to say about bamboo boards, panels and flooring


We recently had water damage to the laminate floor we had installed. We originally thought it would deliver what was promised but we were unhappy with the laminate floor.

We did extensive research into various products available. We knew that laminate would not be our choice so we looked at the option to upgrade to a solid wood floor. We compared many types of bamboo products and chose Eco-Logic Bamboo flooring. Our decision was based on the quality of the flooring (nothing else compared to it), the price and the service.

Hendri, the recommended installer, is an absolute “guru”. If we ever moved or built another house, our flooring would be Eco-Logic Bamboo.

We highly recommend their product and Hendri, the floor installer guru.

This floor has changed our house ambiance from cold to warm and cosy; from a horrific clickety-clack noise to a quiet, solid amazing floor; and the overall look is just exquisite! This floor is an investment that has not only increased the value of our home but also our entire family is very happy with the new floor!

— Peter & Charlotte Snyman – Home Owners Durbanville

Kitchen & Interior Designer + Manufacturer
Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our Eco-Logic Specifier Boards…

Reto Kitchens and Interiors caters to a more discerning and quality conscious clientele.  Our client’s support has placed us in the fortunate position of being able to spearhead environmentally responsible manufacturing choices in our industry. We have been able to replace traditional, non eco-friendly boards with bamboo boards in the manufacture of many of our product lines.  

We opted for Oriental’s Specifier bamboo boards due to the high quality of their products. One of the big plusses is the time that we save in production, as their boards are structurally stable, easy to machine and work well with stains, veneers and sprays.

Hotel Joinery
On our recent project, M&B House in Cape Town, we were able to complete the cupboards and furniture for 3 to 4 rooms per day using Oriental Bamboo boards compared to 1 room per day using another bamboo board supplier.  We are very happy with the quality and time saved using Oriental Bamboo boards.”

Solid Bamboo Flooring in a Public Space
We’ve had over a million people on it [650 square meters of bamboo flooring] —strollers, high heels, wheelchairs, you name it—and it’s held up great, I think it’s done extremely well for what it’s been through.

Green Hotel
We specified Oriental Bamboo for both Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa as well as Devon Valley Hotel, in line with our strategy to “green” the hotel group, using sustainable resources like bamboo flooring.  

We had moisture damage in the public area of one of the hotels and Oriental Bamboo assisted in getting the best people on site to sort this out; after allowing for drying time we were able to reuse over 90% of the original floor.  

I have enjoyed the proprietorial spirit of active caring that I experienced with Oriental Bamboo and thus I am pleased to recommend them.

— Craig Seaman – Managing Director Louis Group Hotels & Vineyards, Client Testimonial

Bamboo dance floor

We had flood damage and had to replace our Eco-Logic Bamboo floor of three years with a bamboo floor from another supplier.

The Eco-Logic Bamboo held up very well on my dance floor with all sorts of activities from hip hop, karate, through to tap dancing, with no visible damage.

The other floor however has not been the same experience, it has worn and marked quickly and is not the same quality. All bamboo floors are not made equal.

— Amanda Jane O’Connell, Amanda Peaceful Dance Studio